Over the years, special interests and mismanagement have driven the federal and state governments completely off the track. Once prosperous and flourishing, many American states today are insolvent, dysfunctional, and ungovernable.

Now, based upon his experiences as a veteran trial court judge, his solid Libertarian principles and his observations on the election process based on his personal involvement, Judge James P. Gray (ret.) presents a number of effective solutions for some of America’s most pressing problems.

Judge Gray addresses bedrock principles that made America great in the first place and suggests particular changes in our nation’s governmental, tax and energy systems. He shows how we would be safer, healthier, better educated and more successful by implementing specific changes in our systems of Criminal Justice, Healthcare, Education and Immigration.

The suggestions made by Judge Gray are straightforward and workable. Democracy is a participatory exercise and the best way to turn government around is to heed Judge Gray’s Call to Action.

* * *

This provocative and perceptive book should be required reading for all of our public servants in the State of California and for every other state in the nation for that matter.—Jim Doti, President, Chapman University

I recognize the unquestioned value that A Voter’s Handbook represents to our party’s candidates. We must get copies of this book in the hands of our candidates as quickly as possible.
—Kevin Takenaga, Chairman, Libertarian Party of California

Liberals will love parts of this book and hate other parts. Conservatives will agree with sections and despise others. There is something in this book to like and something in this book to dislike. But no one will be bored.—Robert M. Stern, President, Center for Governmental Studies, Los Angeles, California

As someone who earns a living writing about the dismal state of California’s political system, I often am asked something to this effect, ‘What can we do to fix things?’ Fortunately, I now have an easy answer for them: ‘Read Judge Jim Gray’s book.’ Gray understands that our nation cannot solve its most vexing political problems through more regulation and government control. The answers can be found by expanding human freedom. The big question is whether Americans, and Californians in particular, have the wisdom and courage to enact the time-tested ideas Gray explains in A Voter’s Handbook.—Steven Greenhut, Pacific Research Institute & author of PLUNDER!

This superb book comes at a critical time for California. With the state’s dire fiscal situation, we simply cannot afford to incarcerate so many people for so long in the name of an unwinnable ‘war on drugs.’ Judge Gray isn’t afraid to propose a bold, principled new solution to get us out of this mess, namely an end to prohibition and the regulation of all currently illicit drugs. This, and Gray’s other forward-thinking criminal justice reforms, will not only help fix California’s economic crisis, they’ll make our communities safer and healthier.—Norm Stamper, 28-year veteran San Diego police officer & Seattle’s chief of police (Ret.)

An informed electorate is essential to preserving liberty. Jim Gray’s book stands out for its clear and insightful discussion of key issues confronting America—starting with a discussion of the traditional value of self-reliance. Gray advocates “Free to Choose” as the slogan for prosperity, and he offers common sense approaches to issues ranging from education, healthcare, and nuclear energy—to drug policy and capital punishment. Gray draws on his experience as a courageous and highly-acclaimed trial court judge to educate and inform voters. He explains how government is frequently the problem—not the solution—and he provides workable answers to many of America’s staggering problems. Yet Gray makes clear that his primary goal is not to get agreement as to all of his approaches, but instead to help readers to think about critical, and controversial, issues—and then act on one’s own beliefs and get more involved in pursuing one or more of the issues discussed in the book. Most notably, Gray points to the widespread evidence of the failure of the war on drugs—and he persuasively demonstrates how changing drug policy to treat drugs as we treat alcohol would better accomplish the goals of the drug war—at far less cost and human suffering. Regardless of whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or Tea-Partier, for voters who want to learn how to effectively deal with the nations’s top-heavy, broken political system, Jim Gray’s splendid book is a must-read.—Manny Klausner, Co-Founding Editor of Reason Magazine & Co-Founder of Reason Foundation

In one brief, easy-to-read volume, Judge Gray reveals the best common-sense solutions for America’s spate of tough, government-induced woes. Any candidate running for office in America will do well to take these solutions to heart and exhort voters to insist on implementing them. But more important than that, each and every American voter should study Judge Gray’s solutions and demand that America’s leaders embrace them. Our devastated economies and unjust social policies threaten our secure, comfortable futures in California and rest of the U.S., so it’s time to vote for candidates who aren’t afraid to defy the ongoing bipartisan idiocies that put us in such peril.—Beau Cain, Secretary, Libertarian Party of California

James P. Gray is something of a legend in Orange County, if not one of its most respected commentators. The retired judge has a unique and refreshing take on issues that are important to American voters. His knowledge extends well beyond his expertise on the bench. In this book, he expounds on topics ranging from his advocacy of eliminating federal income taxation and replacing it with a flat tax to legalizing cannabis. Judge Gray is an unapologetic Libertarian. His is a voice that can’t be boxed or labeled simplistically as left, right, center, or conservative. You don’t have to agree with Jim Gray, but A Voter’s Handbook: Effective Solutions to America’s Problems will provoke readers and get them thinking in a clear, practical and no-nonsense way about U.S. and state government and politics and what about it needs fixing.—Imran Vittachi, City Editor, Daily Pilot, (Costa Mesa/Newport Beach, CA)

Like many other public servants who have been charged with implementing the blunt force approach of our criminal justice system, Jim Gray has seen with his own eyes the negative impact our harsh drug policies have on families and communities across California. Judge Gray doesn’t play down the real and serious harms of drug abuse, but in this book he shows clearly how the so-called ‘war on drugs’ has actually made drugs even more dangerous, for users and non-users alike.—Neill Franklin, executive director, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition & retired Maryland State Police narcotics trainer

Jim Gray covers an amazing amount of ground in this easy to read book. He offers practical solutions to a wide array of our nation’s problems based on his real-world experience as a judge. Many of his suggestions are counter-intuitive and even provocative, but this is the kind of thinking that’s needed if we ever hope to break free from the status quo.—Jack Dean, Editor & Publisher, PensionTsunami.com

Judge Gray has quickly become one of California’s leading thinkers on major public policy issues. His provocative views are sure to stimulate the public debate. Readers may not agree with everything that Judge Gray proposes, but no one will dispute the fact that he demonstrates admirable reasoning skills, laying out the facts before explaining his conclusions. A Voter’s Handbook will be of interest to all citizens, whether Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green or independent. Our nation is a disaster in dire need of repair. Judge Gray proposes a multitude of common sense solutions that we should consider if we are going to embark on the road to recovery. Anyone who cares about the future of our state should read this compelling book. Judge Gray has done it again. To follow up on his classic work, Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed, he has released a new book that boldly challenges the status quo. The retired judge and current columnist lays out a call to action on solutions to major problems that we face with education, healthcare, criminal justice and other sectors. Judge Gray’s new book will spawn the public debate on policy issues in California and the rest of the nation, much like how his first book contributed to the national debate on drug decriminalization. Anyone who cares about the future of the Golden State should read A Voter’s Handbook.—Dr. Michael A. Moodian, Author & Assistant Professor of Social Science, Chapman University

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