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Chriss Street has shown that he knows how to get government employees to do their best to serve both the public interest and members of the public.  Costs can be cut, and improvement made in both decision-making and results. Here is guidance that is both analytical and practical.
—Bill Evers, Research Fellow, Hoover Institution & Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education

I observed Chriss streets’ office in action.  There was an atmosphere of collegiality, a “can-do” spirit, and pride.  Just like a family and exactly the way Mr. Street describes how the department of the Orange County Treasurer was run while he was in office. The only other organization I have seen that acted this family way was a DVD rental shop run exclusively by a Vietnamese family in Santa Ana.  It was really impressive!
—Judge James P.Gray (ret), Author of A Voter's Handbook, Wearing The Robe, Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed

Read the book on the trip to Japan, great story Chriss! —Wayne Lindholm, Executive Vice President, Hensel Phelps Construction Co., Irvine California


Cal Watchdog Book Review: The higher Street to public management by Wayne Lusvardi



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