"Getting to Know Me" is the autobiographical story of Mila Jean Campbell's adventurous life. Born January 17, 1930 in Akron Ohio, Jeanne spent her young life in Warrenton, Virginia with her Mom and sister Betty. Her drafting classes in high school motivated her to peruse a career in engineering, and she eventually become one of the top female engineers in the Space Shuttle Program in the 1960s. Jeanne was responsible for designing Display and Control panels on the overhead, eyebrow and airlock in the crew compartment of the Shuttle OV-101 Enterprise Orbiter, and Shuttle OV-102 Columbia.

Jeanne moved to California after an adventurous road trip to the west coast in the mid 1950's. After her retirement from a successful career in 1990, Jeanne spent her golden years traveling the USA, Canada and Mexico with her dear friend, Mary, and their various pets, in their motorhome.

Candid, lively and heartwarming "Getting to Know Me" is a story of everyday life and all the twists and turns along the way. Come take a ride with Jeanne down 'Memory Lane'. Enjoy the sights, the camping and RV traveling trips, visit with friends and family, taste the food, see the sunrise at Whidbey Island and listen to the water lapping the sides of her boat while fising in the Pacific Ocean.   "Life has been good to me and I am so lucky. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!"--Jeanne Campbell

Jeanne currently resides in California with Mary and their dog, Muffin.


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